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Serenity Home Health Care is a family-owned business. We started our home care agency because of the demand for quality care. Coming from a line of healthcare workers, we understand what it’s like to put your trust in someone’s hands. As former healthcare workers, we strive to give your loved ones the care they deserve.

One Mission. One Vision. We Listen.

The word “serenity” means the quality or condition of being serene; clearness; calmness; quietness; stillness; peace.

Here at Serenity Home Health Care, we strive to bring serenity to the care that we provide! The challenges of life become more difficult when they are faced alone.

Family and friends are not always available, and feelings of loneliness and isolation often affect a person’s outlook on life.

Brycie Mitchell

Our Vision

Serenity Home Health Care exists to provide compassionate and reliable staff who will support each client’s needs, safeguard their dignity, and enhance their daily life. Our service is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

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